Pius' Story | Bonus Episode

Mar 1, 2023    Blair Bauman

Good Question is a podcast for the curious by Compassion Christian Church.

Join us as we create space to discuss the story of Rwanda alongside our global outreach partner Pius Nyakayiro executive director of Good News Jail and Prison Ministry in Rwanda and Carolyn Kixmiller our Executive Pastor of Spiritual Formations.

The story Pius shares is one of catastrophic pain and loss for his entire country as they endured a genocide in 1994 claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in just 100 days. He shares not only his personal story of forgiveness in light of unimaginable heartbreak, but he also shares the hope of Jesus and the power of the Gospel in light of suffering. It's a powerful testimony sure to challenge our hearts as we navigate this difficult topic together.

If you want to know more about Pius and his ministry you can click here. You can also learn more and help support the ministry through Compassion’s Global Outreach website.

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