Good Question | How do I manage my Service Gift? | Episode 25

Nov 15, 2023

Good Question is a podcast for the curious by Compassion Christian Church. 

Join us with love and curiosity in your heart as we discuss spiritual gifts and break them down in groups. Marcus Johnson and Blair Bauman are sitting down with Denise Ritter. Denise is a dedicated servant of the Lord and exudes her gift in so many areas of her life. She shares how she’s learned to manage her serving spirit and lean into what the Spirit has equipped her for. Join us with love and curiosity as we navigate the serving gifts which we categorized as administration, helping, giving, service, hospitality, missions, encouragement and mercy.  

Don’t forget we also have a great tool where you can assess what your gifts are, just email us for the link- plus we’d love to hear from YOU, Come back next month as we share our final episode of 2023!



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