Good Question | What Are Spiritual Gifts | Episode 21

Sep 20, 2023

Good Question is a podcast for the curious by Compassion Christian Church. 

Join us with love and curiosity in your heart as we discuss spiritual gifts. Marcus Johnson and Blair Bauman are talking about the purpose of spiritual gifts, what they actually are, how we get them and more. We also have a great tool where you can assess what your gifts are. As Marcus reminds us, it’s best to do this in the community of other believers. Don’t forget we’re always here too and would love to chat with you, Stick with us as we’ll be dropping episodes on the spiritual gifts biweekly. Next time we navigate some of the lesser discussed giftings and how we can process those together.

Also, THANK YOU for your creativity submissions. We seriously loved them! As promised, here's the insanely detailed paintings Marcus entered! CRAZY!