Creative Track

Supporting Weekly Services... Weekly

It’s one thing to plan for a single service and another entirely to support services week after week. We will share some tips and tricks to help minimize burnout, spot creative opportunities, and keep everyone informed on even the latest of changes - because nothing’s really done until it’s preached on Sunday.

Tips, Templates and Resources for Small Teams

In this breakout we’ll share tips to make the most out of your resources - whatever the size of  your team. From templates to footage archives, we’ll walk through the collecting, curating, and creating of content and how to make any option generate excellent experiences.

Communication and Social Media Strategy in a Digital Age 

If you weren’t sure before, the digital revolution is officially more than a’s here to stay and the church must embrace it to be effective in our current reality and to reach the next generation. Join us as we have a panel discussion about the opportunities available through social media and how you can more effectively reach your community.

Creating an Environment that Reaches Your One

Who is your “One”? We’re called to reach everyone with the gospel, but God has equipped each of our churches to be His mouthpiece in a specific time and place. Do you know who is in your community? Who is your neighbor? Join us as we share our experience of identifying our “One” and the steps we’re taking to form a worship experience with them in mind.

Discipleship Track

Spiritual Formation, A Lifelong Journey

Jesus invites all of us to a lifelong journey of being transformed into the image of Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory and delight of God. In this workshop we will look at the formation process, how we grow in union with God and others, becoming attentive to God’s activity around us, and helpful sustaining practices for following Jesus and serving in ministry.

Who Cares About Your soul care?

Soul care is not selfish!” These words of my mentor continue to echo in my mind. So who cares about your soul care?  We all know it’s important, and yet Christians and church leaders alike struggle to implement life-changing rhythms of soul care. We get it, and you are not alone.

A Gospel-Centered Pursuit of Diversity

It’s been said that ‘Sunday is the most racially segregated day of the week’, especially in the South. But the Gospel is a message of crossing divides and our church is taking steps, and sometimes missteps, at pursuing a vision of Gospel-centered diversity. In this panel discussion we’ll talk about our journey of pursuing understanding and respecting the differences of others while walking together in unity according to Scripture. 

Groups: A Pathway to Discipleship

It’s no secret that groups are the best way for someone to get authentically rooted in community and experience deep discipleship. But the challenge is often getting them to a group! We need a pathway to help guide a person every step of the way that closes the gaps that people seem to fall through on their way to life changing relationships. The struggle is real and so is the solution.   

Generations Track

Kids Ministry Playbook for Churches of Any Size

Kids Ministry takes determination, hard work, and teamwork! At the heart of every ministry are the people we surround ourselves with!  We need a team who is willing to go the distance, show up when it is hard, give their time and talent because they know the end game. Join us for some game winning tips on creating a team culture that is fundamental to leading kids to a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Developing Student Ministry Leaders

Do you ever feel like recruiting leaders for ministry is like placing beads on a string without a knot on the end? We’ve all been there! Developing Student Ministry Leaders is essential in building an effective student ministry. In this breakout, we will look at practical ways to recruit, equip, and sustain leaders.

Engaging Individuals With Special Needs to Strengthen Your Church

Prior to a global pandemic, engaging individuals with special needs meant creating space inside our church buildings and including our friends with special needs in ministry programming. However, with a high-risk population we had to get creative and what began as an obstacle turned out to open doors to new ‘wins’ we never thought possible. In this breakout you will learn creative ways to engage individuals and families, extend an invitation to something other than weekly programming, and redefine your win! 

Nuts and Bolts of Kids and Student Ministry

Whether your church is 200 or 2000 there are some things that are universal. In this breakout we’ll talk about what happens “not on Sunday”. We’ll cover things like checkin procedures, how to choose curriculum and child protection policies.

Leadership Track

Challenges of Leading Through Times of Chaos!

In the last two years everyone in ministry has faced some of the most unique leadership challenges of our lives.  These challenges have taken a toll...but they have also produced some amazing Kingdom outcomes.  The leaders who rose to these challenges were following the example of Jesus.  This workshop will explore some of the principles that guided Jesus through a series of leadership challenges.

Fumbles and Successes of Change

Change is never easy. Over the last two years every church has experienced more than they bargained for and has had to find ways to adapt and reach people in a totally new environment. In addition to the changes in our communities, Compassion also tackled a restructure of our staff and reimagining of our model. In this breakout we’ll discuss what we learned, where we dropped the ball and the vision we’re chasing for the future.

Leading Through Burnout: Caring for Yourself and Others

Leadership is demanding — often requiring exceptional skill, character, decision making, relational connections, and many other high level qualities. What do we do with our self-doubt and lack of motivation to manage our own spiritual condition? In this workshop we will look at Scriptural accounts of burnout, ways to address exhaustion, Spiritual routines that anchor us to GOD and the importance of good questions.

MOMENTUM. 7 Keys to Developing and Keeping Momentum.

No matter what context you are leading, what we all want is momentum.  The problem is we don’t always know how to get it, keep it, and not break it. In this workshop we’ll break down 7 practical momentum makers and breakers that will help transform and grow any ministry.

Future Church Track

Engaging People in a Post-Pandemic World

How do you get the church to engage in a world dominated by fear, secularism and politics? How do you rebuild community in your church while leading your church to engage the community around you in a culture of isolation? Come learn  how to rebuild a gospel centered community in a divided culture.

More Than Just Hitting Record: Creating a Successful Online Experience

Over the last two years many churches in the US took a giant, digital leap forward whether we were ready or not - forcing many of us to reconsider how we shared the Gospel each week. In this breakout we’ll share our vision and strategy for the online platform beyond just making our worship experiences accessible from your couch! Join us as we take a deep dive into how you can best set your church up for success Online.

Mission-Minded Church Leadership

This breakout, led by Compassion partner Intentional Churches, will be a back to basics conversation about aligning church leadership, vision and methodology around the Biblical fundamentals of the Great Commission. Intentionally and strategically mobilizing your Luke 15 “99’s” to repeatedly reach and grow their “Ones.”

Reaching Post-Christian America

The cultural shift in the United States has been swift.  No one really knows all the implications of this shift, but it is definitely a shift away from “the organized church.”  The fastest growing religious group in American is the “nones” (Religious affiliation:  “None”).   How then do we adjust our strategies as churches and believers trying to reach this generation?  We’ll explore this question, the current stats, and practical applications.

Operations Track

Creating Space for Honest Evaluation

Honesty is the best policy; we can all agree on that. Failure to create space for honest evaluation is not only a disservice to a staff member and the rest of the team, it is a failure to provide opportunity for course correction and improvement. In this breakout, we will look at how we can intentionally move from an annual evaluation of performance to honest conversations throughout the year that produce a more effective and contributing team member.

Security Inside the Walls of Your Church and Within Your IT Infrastructure

Securing your church today encompasses a broad range of things to consider.  Protecting your congregation through deterrence and proactive measures, securing your computers and equipment, cybersecurity… where do you even start?  Join the IT and Facilities Teams of Compassion Christian for a discussion on best practices to ensure your church is protected.

Leading as an Elder in a Growing Church

How can you use your role as an elder to help your church grow?  We have seen Compassion Christian grow through many different stages and want to help.  Come hear some advice on what it means to lead as an elder in a growing church.

Finances: From Offering Plate to Audit

Finances are part of the necessary functions of every church. Handled with integrity and good stewardship they can lay the foundation for successful ministry and Kingdom growth! In this breakout we’ll discuss collection processes, budgets, emergency plans, audit, and more.

Outreach Track

Meeting Needs Wisely: From Food Pantries to Benevolence

Are any of your church or community members struggling to meet their basic needs? Does your church want to help but has few resources? Is your pastor or another key leader trying to do it all by themselves? If you would like practical direction on how to create ministry to meet human needs through the power of Jesus, and for the glory of Jesus, this is the workshop for you.

Missions that Make a Difference

In this breakout we’ll discuss lessons learned, good and bad, about effective outreach to our local communities and around the world that ultimately attracts people to Jesus - as well as to a church that makes a difference!

Equipping Your Church to Reach Your Community

What is it going to take to reach our community? The answer might be simpler than we expect; but, simple doesn't mean easy. We are going to examine how God is reaching millions around the world using simple, reproducible methods and discover how we can implement those same methods to reach our neighbors and our city.

Sending Well: From Mission Trips to Career Missionaries

There are many ways to send someone to the mission field, but sending well and achieving desired outcomes for the Kingdom is no easy task. Join us to discuss the tools, strategy, and lessons our Outreach Team has learned about sending missionaries from week-long mission trips to full-time ministry.

Volunteer Engagement Track

Growth Track: The Engagement Pathway

As leaders we desire to see people close the gap between just attending to becoming a contributing part of the church body. We want to see people growing in their relationship with Jesus, engaging in community, and making a difference. In this breakout session we will share how the engagement pathway connects people to ministry and closes the gap.

Establishing a Volunteer Culture

Ministry is all about equipping the saints for the work of ministry. In this breakout we will be discussing ways we have refocused our efforts to establish and engage a culture that does just that.

Developing Future Leaders

Developing future leaders is one of the best ways for any church to reach the great commission.  In this breakout we will be discussing our pipeline and ways to establish leadership development at your church.

Volunteers that Care

Volunteers that care are true partners in ministry.  In this breakout we’ll discuss caring for, loving, leading and equipping volunteers to bring the best of themselves to your ministry while creating a culture of joy, fun, and excellence.  

Worship Track

How to Improve Your Online Stream

Ready or not our world is more digital now than it’s ever been and the church has an opportunity to respond in ways that will reach people we never could before. In this breakout we’ll discuss practical ways to improve your church’s online stream. We’ll tackle everything from audio to video to lighting and more. Come learn how to improve your church’s opportunity to reach people through an online platform.

Worship: Creating Environments that Awaken our Souls

In this breakout we will dive into our planning process, our philosophy, and what God is teaching us. We’ll also share what we wish we knew 10 years ago about worship and where we hope we’re headed for the next 5 years.

Guest Experiences: Remarkable Hospitality During Challenging Times

The role of Guest Experience teams has the potential to change lives for eternity, literally.  When many churches are operating at reduced numbers, for volunteers and guests, what does it look like to LEAN IN? Join us as we share how we have navigated the challenges of this past year, what we are planning as we head into the next year of ministry, and how this can impact churches of all sizes.

Creating an Environment that Reaches Your One

Who is your “One”? We’re called to reach everyone with the gospel, but God has equipped each of our churches to be His mouthpiece in a specific time and place. Do you know who is in your community? Who is your neighbor? Join us as we share our experience of identifying our “One” and the steps we’re taking to form a worship experience with them in mind.


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