Dark Horses: Overlooked Heroes - Day 18
on July 17th, 2024
Highlight Daniel 4 recounts another dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, which Daniel interprets. The dream predicts the king's downfall due to his pride and subsequent restoration after he acknowledges God's sovereignty. True to the dream, Nebuchadnezzar is driven from his throne and lives like an animal for seven years until he humbles himself before God and repents.  Read More
Dark Horses: Overlooked Heroes - Day 17
on July 16th, 2024
Highlight Here again we see the favor Joseph often receives from others. Three positive moments of “finding favor in his eyes” are with the Lord (v. 2), Potiphar (v. 4), and the prison warden (v. 21). Each of these positive favors bring Joseph success, influence, and power. All things that build his character and his reputation.  Read More
Dark Horses: Overlooked Heroes Day 16
on July 15th, 2024
Highlight In the opening of Joseph’s story we see the author highlighting two themes that will carry throughout his story. The first theme is that Joseph is often favored. It sounds odd because choosing favorites is a sticky business. But Joseph’s father “loved Joseph more than any of his other sons'' (v. 3), and this is brought up repeatedly throughout the narrative. Later in the week, we will also read that he finds favor in others' eyes, some that are beneficial and others that are not.  Read More
Dark Horses: Overlooked Heroes - Week 04 Launch
on July 13th, 2024
A unique, and perhaps unexpected theme of the historical accounts compiled in the Bible is what appears to be God’s particular affinity for the underdog. Throughout Scripture we see God choose unlikely people to become His primary tool to impact the outcomes of seismic events in Israel’s history, and in turn the history of our world. Social outcasts, economically disadvantaged, struggling with disability or illness, lacking influence or even agency to make change in their own lives, much less in the lives of their community or nation.  Read More
Dark Horses: Overlooked Heroes Day 15
on July 12th, 2024
Highlight We end this week on the most well-known story of Daniel. Under King Darius, Daniel rises again to a position of great authority, provoking jealousy among other officials and ending with him in the lions’ den.  Read More
Dark Horses: Overlooked Heroes - Day 14
on July 11th, 2024
Highlight In Daniel 5, we see the fall of Babylon under King Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar’s son. When Daniel is called in to read the writing on the wall he’s now near ninety and it’s clear from his interaction with Belshazzar that his time of influence in the Babylonian Kingdom has passed with Nebuchadnezzar.  Read More