praying with intention

What Matters To You, Matters To God

God is listening

Your Prayers Matter

Prayer is a way to connect with God, make petitions made known to Him, and a way to lay out praises before Him. As you pray, we want to help you find that God is waiting to release strength, courage, and victory over all that you pray for.

be rooted in your faith

21 Days of Prayer

From January 18th to February 7th, we will be walking in faith as a community. It's often said that small steps often become a habit, and what better habit to have than prayer? Join us online as we learn what it means to walk out a lifestyle of prayer day in and day out.

To access the prayer plan, click here, or to see full devotions, download our app by clicking the button below.


Prayer Requests

We know that prayer produces change, and as we pray in our own lives, we would also love to pray for you. If you are in need of prayer, we would love to connect you with our prayer team.

Grow your prayer life

Prayer Resources

Whether you pray everyday, or don't know where to start, we've laid out some resources below to help you get started wherever you are in your prayer journey.

"Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him."

1 Chronicles 16:11

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We are all about family, so no matter how big or small your question or request, our team is always ready to help! Take a moment to fill out the connect card using the button below and we will be in touch.