Be. Become. Do. - Week 02 Launch

Welcome to Week 2 of the 2023 Be.  Become.  Do.  Reading Plan!  This reading plan is designed to partner with Compassion Christian Church’s sermon series of the same name, which you can find information about right here.  This is a series all about how we are each invited to embrace a life where we will be with Jesus, become like Jesus and then live our lives doing what Jesus would do!  In order to better apprentice under Jesus, we are going to spend our reading plan following his ministry by reading an eyewitness account written by one of his disciples: Matthew.

Before We Start
This reading plan will focus on the Book of Matthew.  We recommend you watch this video to help you understand what the Book of Matthew is, who wrote it, and why they wrote it.  Knowing those things will help us better understand the context in which the book was written, which will help us understand what God wants to say to us today.

Overview of the Book of Matthew 1-13
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