At The Movies - Week 01 Launch

Welcome to Week 1 of the 2023 At the Movies Reading Plan! This reading plan is designed to partner with Compassion Christian Church’s sermon series of the same name.  At the heart of the movies we love are often stories of hope, courage, and redemption.  This series is focused on highlighting those things and showing how they connect to the heart of God and His plans for our world and your life.  This reading plan will be focused on the Book of Psalms, which is a book of poems and songs found in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Just like different movies have different styles and genres, so do the psalms.  The reading plan will group psalms by genre as we go from week to week.

The songs and poems of Psalms are often directed to God, which is why the Book of Psalms has guided the prayer life of Christians from the very beginning of the church.  These psalms, viewed as prayers, are a beautiful guide because they are an example of passion and honesty.  Our Father welcomes us to be just and bold in our own prayers.  May we all be challenged as we follow this plan together!

Before We Start
This reading plan will focus on the Book of Psalms.  We recommend you watch this video to help you understand what the Book of Psalms is, who wrote it, and why they wrote it.  Knowing those things will help us better understand the context in which the book was written, which will help us understand what God wants to say to us today.
Genre Highlight
This week we are going to focus on Psalms of Praise.  At its core, the entire book moves towards the praise of God, with the closing psalms of the book being calls to worship.  The foundation that the whole book is built on is that God is sovereign over the whole earth, yet He is also relational and cares about both His people as a whole and the individuals who are praising Him in these songs.  For this reason, the Praise Psalms are the perfect place to start because they are most directly connected to the overall purpose of the whole book.  We will look at one Psalm, Psalm 145, as an example and then spend the rest of the week reading 4 other Psalms of Praise on our own.
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