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We've organized our breakouts into distinct ministry tracks, but we want you to create the schedule that will most impact your ministry - so break boundaries! Mix-and-match the breakouts that most interest you.

Digital Presence

Creating and Maintaining a Strong Digital Presence

Advice, tools and resources for how to boost your ministry's online footprint through search engines, social media, digital ads, and email marketing, as well as best practices for how to measure success for these digital mediums. 

Creating a Relevant Online Ministry in an Ever Changing World

As the digital age keeps rolling, we must continually evaluate and adapt how we, the church, engage with the online world. Not only is this a chance to meet people where they are and take the gospel to dark places, but it’s an opportunity to stay up to date with the world around us. Join us for a panel discussion about how to pursue purposeful reinvention of your online ministry.

Video Testimonies and Other Story-Driven Content

Tips and tools for helping your guests share their stories of life-change through video content and also discussing our team's approach to storytelling when it comes to our social media, website, youtube account, service content, photography, ect.


Growth Track: Developing an Engagement Pathway

Let's face it, we all want people in our church to engage. We want them to experience a genuine connection to one another, be devoted to the mission, and passionate about their walk with Christ. How do we move people from sitting on the sidelines to active, dynamic church members? Join us as we discuss Growth Track and developing the engagement pathway to lead others toward active involvement in the life of the church. 

Leading Diverse Teams

Embracing teams that reflect the communities we’re called to reach as well as the picture of heaven painted for us in Revelation 7:9 means we must learn how to lead with a Romans 12 posture. Join us as we discuss the opportunities and challenges of leading teams comprised of different ages, genders, cultures and experiences.

Member Care: Reimagining Dynamic Shepherding

Pastoral care continues to present many unique, perhaps at times overwhelming, challenges in an ever-changing post-modern world. Yet the need persists for stories to be heard, wounds to be healed, and hope to be restored. How can we recapture the art of expectant listening and attending to the lives of those who need the tender ministry of Christ? Join us as we discuss and discover a renewed vision and practice for member care.

Acts 2 Discipleship Groups Still Work

We will be delving into how ancient biblical teachings will build your modern d-groups. Our goal is that you take away training tips and tools that you can use easily. You will hear from group leaders in different stages of their leadership on our panel.

Kids Ministry

Kids Ministry Playbook for Churches of Any Size

Sunday is coming….like a freight train!  If you’ve ever felt like you can’t get ahead, you’re not alone.  Many times we get focused on pulling off the weekend and miss key strategies.  Come see a bird’s-eye view of our Next Gen Ministry and how key strategies, milestones, and leader development is implemented.

Elevate the impact of your ministry by Empowering, Equipping & Appreciating Volunteers

As leaders, we have many responsibilities when it comes to leading an effective and healthy ministry. The time you invest in your volunteers is crucial to the success of your ministry. Join us as we dive into what it looks like to empower, equip and appreciate volunteers who will lead kids to Jesus. 

Collaboration and Evaluation

The importance of working together with a shared purpose and toward a common goal. Build a team that takes your ministry to the Next Level.

Healthy (Special Needs) Ministry Transitions During COVID-19 and After

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant disruptions in the way churches function, but it has also presented an opportunity for positive change in the way we approach special needs ministry. During and after this period of uncertainty, it is important for churches to focus on building resilience and adapting to the needs of their congregations while maintaining a strong sense of community.


How to Plan for the Unexpected

If we've learned anything over the last several years, it's that we have no idea what the next several years have in store! We can't control what's going to happen, but there are things we can do as church leaders today to make sure the church thrives in the future.

Communicating to a Post-Christian Mindset

For centuries the western church has been able to assume certain common beliefs in the people we are trying to reach because we lived in what scholars called a kind of Christendom. This means evangelism was often simply helping people connect those common beliefs to Jesus, like connecting "dots" that were already there. But more and more the people we are trying to reach don't come with those "dots" and the church is struggling to know where to start. This breakout will focus on how to stay in touch with the cultural moment and communicate the Gospel to those who no longer believe Christianity has anything to offer.

Healthy Elder Leadership During Seasons of Transition

Compassion Christian Church has been through a number of transitions in the last several years.  Bring your questions and join us for a discussion about what it looks like to lead as a healthy elder team to strengthen your staff and congregation during times of transition.

Outreach & care

Enabling vs Empowering

Enabling an individual vs. empowering an individual seems like a tightrope act that is hard to navigate. As leaders, we should always strive to empower others to develop, grow and strive. This session takes an honest look at when assisting individuals dealing with homelessness empowers them or cripples them. 

Creating Resources for the Hurting in Your Church and Community

A breakout designed to help any size church create ministries, and partner with local agencies to meet basic needs and provide emotional support for struggling families and individuals. Emphasis will be on tips, "tricks of the trade" and best practices in both urban (i.e. Savannah) and rural (our Effingham, Midway) areas. 

Global outreach is more than saying “Yes”, it’s being willing to say “No”

Whether you are sending short term teams around the world or trying to choose which global ministries to support, saying “no” may be the most important choice you can make. 

STudents Ministry

Next Gen Ministry Plan

Sunday is coming….like a freight train!  If you’ve ever felt like you can’t get ahead, you’re not alone.  Many times we get focused on pulling off the weekend and miss key strategies.  Come see a bird’s-eye view of our Next Gen Ministry and how key strategies, milestones, and leader development is implemented. 

Creating Community within your Volunteer Team

Community is not just for our students. It's critical for our student teams to have community with each other. We want our volunteers to love to serve alongside one another. You are always willing to do more for the ones you love. Let's talk about how to make this happen within our teams. 

Creating a Culture of Belonging, Pastoring through the LGBTQ+ Movement, Pastoring a Post-Christian Generation

Students are longing for more than we know and they themselves know... community. Relationship. Belonging. How do we do that? Let's answer what feels like unanswerable questions. When we have an LGBTQ+ student, how do we pastor them? Do we do it any differently? What do we do about bathrooms, small groups, camp, pronouns? How do we prepare the leaders and volunteers in our ministry? We will all come from different angles in this breakout, let's approach this with humility, openness, and more importantly, love like Jesus would. Note: this is not a political agenda breakout. Please set all biasness, political preferences, etc. aside.

Define The Win

What do we measure?  What is success? What matters to your ministry? What matters to students and their parents? Let's talk about how we win in Student Ministry. 


Training for Transition – What you need to know to effectively lead your team towards healthy changes

We all know that change is inevitable. Every church will experience it. The question is whether that transition will be healthy, leading to future growth or unhealthy, leading to staff stalemates and contention. Join us as we share what we’ve learned as we led our church through significant change.

Rebuilding Trust After Tragedy

Trust is critical currency within any organization. But how do you navigate when trust has been broken? In this session, we'll share practical tips to move a team through hurt and into healing, restored hope, and growing trust.

Behind the Scenes of a Lead Pastor Transition

Having a successful transition is much like an iceberg, there is way more going on than you will ever see on the surface.  How long should the process take? Who needs to know when and what? What are you looking for in the future?  We are putting everything on the table and invite you to join us for an in-depth discussion about Cam’s transition.


Impact of Transitions in Your Staff and Culture

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” - John Maxwell
Life and ministry is constantly changing.  No matter the reason for the change, the goal is growth and health on the other side of that transition.  During this breakout we will share a few of the transitions we have gone through over the past several years, sharing the lessons we have learned along the way as well as some of the pitfalls that we didn’t expect.

From Surviving to Thriving: Unlocking Leader Wellness

Ministry burnout affects countless church leaders today. We will explore what contributes to burnout and discuss effective methods to restore balance, purpose, and fulfillment in ministry. You will gain actionable insights to prioritize self-care, establish healthy boundaries and rejuvenate your well-being, setting you up to faithfully live out your calling. 

Understanding my shadow self

Getting honest about the things that push and drive us, things that are core motivators for why we do what we do.  Help us think about how we can identify those things and give us some tools for dealing with these motivations in a healthy, godly way.

Is it well with your soul?

This session will inspire you to see why a multiplicity of mentors matters for the health of your soul!  No leader will ever be, healthier, stronger or more secure than the small circle of other leaders who surround and support him. We were made for life-enriching relationships. Community is at the heart of true Christianity, and true community can’t be rushed.

Worship Experiences

Worship: Heart and Hacks

In this breakout we will dive into our planning process, the heart behind it, and a few life hacks to get you through those rough Sunday mornings that suddenly turn into acoustic sets.

How to adopt a positive mindset in Production

This breakout will discuss ways to adopt a positive mindset when presented with stressful situations or outcomes in an ever-changing production environment. 

Strengthening Your Guest Experience Teams

Do you ever wonder what will help your Guest Experience Teams become better, stronger, healthier?  Do you find yourself managing the tension that comes with being short on volunteers, while trying to recruit, onboard, and train new volunteers and leaders?  Maybe you are deciding where to focus your attention: on the guest or caring for the volunteers on these teams.  Do you find it challenging to balance dreaming up fun, engaging moments while maintaining the necessary organizational structure and complexities of these teams?  Come join us to find out what we have learned over the last two years about managing these tensions while also strengthening our Guest Experience teams! 

Our Very Best x 52 (at least)

As kingdom workers, we consistently strive to create content and services that point people toward Jesus. We want to give Him our best, every single time. But how do I give Him glory with my time and talent when I only have so much time and talent? Let's talk about it. 


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