Love One Foster Care Collection


Love One, a ministry geared towards adoption, foster care and global orphan care in the Savannah area is inviting people within the church and community to help with a Love One Foster Care Project. If you or your small group would like to participate, please fill a plastic shoe box with a lid with any of the items below.  Please mark the shoebox with the age and gender for the intended child with an appropriate label, index card, or post it note. (Example- Age 4/Boy)


Suggested Items: (Please NO Food Items.)


Ages 0-2

Baby powder, baby wipes, soft books, baby lotion, tooth brush with appropriate age tooth paste, soft toy, soft lovey/blanket, teething toys, bath toys, stacking cups, etc


Ages 3-5

Sippy cup, stuffed animal, art supplies, stickers, bubbles, plastics animals, books, drawing pad, coloring book, toy cars, hair bows, a brush or comb, body wash, tooth paste/tooth brush, shampoo, small toys, dolls, play dough


Ages 6-9

Sunglasses, travel games, travel cards (Uno, skip bo, old maid, crazy 8’s, etc. ), books, school supplies, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, brush/comb, hair accessories, tooth brush /tooth paste, toys, sidewalk chalk, play dough, art supplies


Ages 10-12

Sunglasses, travel games, travel cards (Uno, skip bo, crazy 8’s old maid, etc.) books, school supplies, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, brush/comb, hair accessories, tooth brush /tooth paste, toys, books, nail polish, cross word puzzles, word searches, body lotion


Ages 13-18

Deodorant, Body Wash, body lotion, Shampoo/conditioner, travel games, calendar/planner, school supplies, diary, nail polish, hair accessories, stationary, envelopes, drawing pads, colored pencils, brush/comb, books, tooth brush/ tooth paste, UNO cards, playing cards, dominos, Phase 10, a flashlight, batteries


Drop off your shoe box in the large outreach bins at Compassion Christian Church anytime during the month of April. Coastal Audiology in Pooler is also a drop off location.


In previous years, the gift of a shoebox has always shown compassion to foster care children in Chatham and surrounding counties. Please continue to help foster care children feel loved this year by creating one or more shoeboxes. This is a great compassion project for any small group. Love One will be hosting a movie night with an open discussion to answer your questions about volunteering or serving with Foster Care in May. Please email Love One at if you have any questions or if you want to be invited to our Movie Night. There are 400 kids in foster care in Chatham county. You can help change ONE child’s life by making a shoebox or fostering, or you can help ONE family continue to foster by supporting them on a regular basis!  Join Love One as we learn more about how the church can get behind families as they foster.