Compassion Christian Church seeks to develop leaders who will be equipped for lifelong service in ministry as a result of participation in internships available in a variety of ministries.  The Compassion Christian Church Internship Program is designed to focus upon the development of leaders in their calling, character and competency. If you desire ministry experience by working alongside Compassion Christian staff members and volunteers, please complete and submit the application in its entirety.  

Types of Internships

Compassion Christian Church offers internships in various forms, durations and with different resulting benefits. All are designed to provide the intern with practical, hands-on ministry experience in a healthy, effective work environment.

Short Term Internships:

  • Summer and Academic Internships
  • Duration is determined on a case by case basis
  • Maximum Summer Internship: 3 months
  • Length of Academic Internship is dependent upon the course requirement

The application deadline (including all supporting documents)  is March 15. Applicants will receive email confirmation indicating receipt of the submitted application.  Interviews with select applicants will be scheduled to occur March 15 through April 15. The tentative start date for the summer internship is mid-May with flexibility regarding school schedules. Approximately 12 weeks in duration, the academic schedule will also determine the length of the Summer Internship.

Long Term Internships:

  • Includes a Year Long internship
  • Designed for post-graduate college students and other adults interested in pursuing vocational ministry within the local church
  • The ideal candidate demonstrates elevated ministry potential

Contact the Human Resources Department for Application Deadlines 

Additional Internship Information

  • Both Summer and Year-long interns are unpaid.
  • Academic internships earning college credit will adhere to the guidelines set forth by the college or university in regards to completion requirements
  • The expected work week commitment is 40 hours
  • Housing is not provided by Compassion Christian Church
  • Internship applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be one year post high school graduation


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